2D Drafting (orthographic projection)

A concept of displaying real-world objects on a flat surface showing only height and width.


We provide fully dimensioned manufacturing and fabrication drawings. We also provide assembly drawings and technical illustrations complete with parts lists and bills of materials. 2D technical drawings are projected views, including, top, front, side and isometric views. They often include information such as dimensions, cross-sections, tolerances, datum’s, notes, materials and more for use in many manufacturing

The majority of all 3D CAD projects finish with the production of 2D technical drawings

The two  dimensional technical drawings that we generate can be a computer model or illustration showing all the dimensions necessary to manufacture a part, as well as assembly notes, a list of required materials, and other pertinent information, typical information provided would be:

We have produced paper templates & full size working developments (subject to size) used in final manufacture

Do you have an old ‘paper’ print that is worn or is in need of restoration or updating, conversion to a CAD file will give you a permanent copy that becomes easier to get printed copies

We have helped to position / plan furniture or equipment in domestic, commercial & industrial building layouts, saving a lot of time, effort as well as potentially making manufacturing more efficient.

Electronic drawings can be utilised in 2 axis computer aided machining operations (profiling)


elevation of sign structure

Elevation of Sign Structure