3D solid modelling (graphical projection)

“A mathematical technique for representing solid objects”


How could it help you?

2D drawings are often essential part of the production process but are often hard to digest, especially if viewers are inexperienced at reading technical drawings.

The 3D CAD models that we produce offer speed (over 2d) good visualisation and technical resolution. With the many years of industrial/mechanical experience, coupled with good industrial practice we have been able to produce 3D models from small mechanical items to large multi tonne assembled sculptures.

With our experience, technical and manufacturing knowledge we can work with you to assist in idea/concept stages, through prototyping to final manufacture, helping to meet your requirements from the functional to aesthetic level.

The 3D CAD models that we produce have been used in various areas from computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to finite element analysis (FEA).  These technologies can help you obtain a better quality product whilst minimising manufacturing and material costs.

The 3D CAD models are used in FEA to examine assemblies and components to produce critical design assessment, stiffness and strength checks in order to appraise the product for its purpose.

The 3D CAD models are used to check components for assembly fits prior to manufacture, i.e. validate all component contact points to avoid any expensive rework, loss of time and material.



Do you want to see your products before they’re made?

A 3 dimensional CAD solid model gives the viewer a much more realistic and easier to understand view of the object, the object can viewed from any angle including perspective.

3D bottle

The 3D CAD models that we produce are generally drawn to full scale, they can be single part items or multi part assemblies.

We can produce technical illustrations which can help to describe or explain items or assemblies to a non technical audience, these illustrations can be in the format of exploded views of assemblies, they can also include cut away views to further enhance any complicated (difficult to explain) details.

We have produced 3d CAD models with exploded views and printed large full colour glossy detailed prints to help customers promote their sales, enhance their demonstrations, and visually describe their proposals or projects.

The 3D CAD drawn models we have produced have also been built using rapid prototyping to demonstrate physical scaled models of the proposals, i.e. you can have a suitably scaled representation that can be physically handled by a target audience.

The 3D CAD models we produce can also have textures applied to the surfaces to give it a heightened sense of realism and detail, the finished model can be further enhanced  by rendering to achieve a photorealistic effect.

The software that we use can also be used to create a video (?) of a technical 3 d animation, be it of an assembly being put together or just simply a 360° rotational view of a proposal.

Or just simply the model can be used to quickly generate accurate 2 dimensional detail drawings incorporating plan & elevation views, or we can go the other way you supply the 2 d paper views and we can give you the 3 D parametric CAD model on paper or in electronic format.